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You think you knew love at 4 years old,
with skinned knees and dirty fingernails.

You think you knew better at 17, in someone’s arms on a spring day in their backseat, napping away the afternoon.

And then you get to your 20s; when he comes back as tired eyes and scruff on his jawline.

But you don’t want to call it love. Not yet,

I burnt my tongue on
Earl Grey; and now I cannot
recall your flavor.

I feel like someone came and rearranged me whilst I slept.

My thoughts are as muddled as the milk tea I’m drinking.


The sticky thickness of the air outside somehow seeped through the sides of my window. Slowly, the room feels more and more resistant to my movement, and the heat will eventually lull me into dreamless sleep.

I haven’t dreamt in a while. This saddens me because I like updating my journal about them —as odd as they come. Maybe it’s the stress —but what stress is bigger than your subconscious as you sleep?

During the day, the humidity makes me feel like I’m biking through honey, and it does nothing to help my hair. I end up looking like a toy poodle.

I hope it rains soon. I miss seeing unabashed sunshine.

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could have stayed the way we were.

But if we did, would that really have been better?

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I’m a bitter fool who hides behind almost-debilitating procrastination and poor judgement for short-term goals.

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Dust sits on the shelves of my room, though the books never get covered. I will not lie and say that I read through them frequently, but you’ll find the glue unstuck where I always flip to my favorite parts.

That’s the thing about books. They fall apart while you fall together into your own.

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restless sleep. sleepless rest.

Whirpool -Words -Flicker -Flutter -Flat. No. Yes. Turn your head. Your hand is hurting, move it. Go. Stay. Leave. Never come back. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. There. Shh.

…You’re still

a w a k e .

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Breathless sentences lighten the load.